new summer capsule collection

1918, Coco Chanel appears on the beach wearing pants and a loose shirt. It's hard to call it extraordinary now, but at the time it was a bold move that resonated in society. Our new summer capsule Lido is about comfort and elegance.

Capsule is named after the Italian island of Lido. The Lido became known in the 20's as the "beach of sunshine and pajamas" for the style of its guests who wore pajamas to the beach by day and to social events in the evening.

A shirt with wide cuffs, loose straight cut pants with an arrow, a pareo skirt with a tapered back and a new wide straps swimsuit.

Premium fabric, which gives comfort and a feeling of pleasant coolness. Natural linen combined with lyocell, a new generation material made of eucalyptus wood.

model wearing: midi-length skirt LIDO

model wearing:

wide-strap one-piece LIDO